Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 16.0.4 - HTML format


  • [OO-5773] - Groups: members from waiting list are not added under certain circumstances
  • [OO-5776] - Toolbar participant info: javascript:parent.gotonode() do not work.
  • [OO-5778] - Filter by author missing
  • [OO-5781] - GTA: Sorting in table not working
  • [OO-5782] - Remove mail action from private folder
  • [OO-5783] - RS when booking course with assessment mode rights
  • [OO-5784] - Assessment: Test time prolongation only possible for the first attempt
  • [OO-5787] - Changes of the disadvantage compensation not updated in participant view
  • [OO-5790] - Course element title not displayed if config was short title, description, content
  • [OO-5793] - Contact Tracing: own 3-G proof visible in user management
  • [OO-5794] - Paypal: preferred countries setting is not read at start
  • [OO-5796] - Cannot delete course with leaked tasks
  • [OO-5798] - RS: teacher open a deleted lecture block
  • [OO-5800] - Name in capital letters on 3G certificate does not match name in OO user profile
  • [OO-5802] - Course element form: Progress not updated when quick save
  • [OO-5803] - Course element document: Squeezed thumbnail image
  • [OO-5804] - Course element strucure: Selection is lost when switching display option
  • [OO-5810] - LTI: accept data exchange list of attributes not shown
  • [OO-5811] - Assessment tool: Incorrect warning for the bulk action "Grade"
  • [OO-5813] - Booking: cannot set VAT configuration
  • [OO-5814] - RS: preview in external page
  • [OO-5815] - RS: split message in forum

New Feature

  • [OO-5492] - Module and course element MediaSite


  • [OO-5766] - Improvement on mobile Filterview
  • [OO-5775] - UX: add opener-handel to (accidentally) fully minimized window
  • [OO-5779] - Deletion of Opencast events from admin service
  • [OO-5780] - QTI FIB: make multi variant import more transparent
  • [OO-5785] - Extend hasUserProperty expert rule to support multi-value fields
  • [OO-5786] - Store Paella player configuration in
  • [OO-5791] - Task: same (bulk) actions for assessment tool and course element
  • [OO-5795] - eP: Improve saving surveys
  • [OO-5799] - Full text search: open result in a new window
  • [OO-5807] - Tunnel: support Range request
  • [OO-5808] - LDAP: how synchronisation is started
  • [OO-5809] - Change the Default behaviour of the filter bar

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