Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 16.0.3 - HTML format


  • [OO-5739] - Contact Tracing: missing i18n key
  • [OO-5741] - Update course element configs before display test/survey statistics
  • [OO-5742] - Store default course elements user rights
  • [OO-5751] - Copy of conventional course: assignment documents not copied
  • [OO-5756] - Contact tracing: error when QR text is empty on import
  • [OO-5759] - Automatic assessment mode: Continue working in the follow-up time possible
  • [OO-5764] - Participants are not shown in participant folder
  • [OO-5765] - Task: missing task definitions file
  • [OO-5768] - Toolbar, participant info: links to course elements do not open
  • [OO-5771] - Author: authors see deleted courses of other people
  • [OO-5772] - RS: open excel file of a zipped archive
  • [OO-5774] - RS: create efficiency statement on high load


  • [OO-5636] - Appointments: Adding course link to Mails
  • [OO-5740] - Lectures: Add 3-G certificate status to roll call view for coaches
  • [OO-5745] - Contact Tracing: improve vaccination validity period calculation
  • [OO-5746] - Contact Tracing: Configurable Help-URL
  • [OO-5748] - Reduce memory usage of the REST documentation
  • [OO-5752] - MobileView Improvement for Course Element Layout and Structure overview
  • [OO-5754] - Table: search with all filters
  • [OO-5755] - ADFS: add department and country attributes
  • [OO-5757] - Avoid automatic evaluation of assessment data if course is in trash
  • [OO-5758] - QTI 2.1: sort alpha-numeric to list of variables
  • [OO-5760] - Allow "My courses" queries to retrieve more than 32'000 rows
  • [OO-5763] - Extended bulk actions for task in assessment tool
  • [OO-5769] - Don't make menu very large even when it contains very large content

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