Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 16.0.1 - HTML format


  • [OO-5674] - Lectures: teachers view in lecture management doesn't filter disabled courses
  • [OO-5675] - Table Filter: Back navigation from "Search form" goes to "Favourites"
  • [OO-5677] - LTI 1.3: make the course element editor more resilient to lof of changes
  • [OO-5678] - Gap questions: Formatting leads to display of HTML code
  • [OO-5679] - Bulk assessment: documents with special characters in zip are not recognized
  • [OO-5681] - Form: move element up sometimes without effect after save
  • [OO-5682] - Author: display name changes not reflected in author list after reload
  • [OO-5686] - Background color visible below image if long course element title
  • [OO-5689] - My courses: switching view results in empty page
  • [OO-5690] - My courses: no page navigation on exdtended view
  • [OO-5692] - Appointment scheduling: Teams / BigBlueButton preparation time ignored
  • [OO-5699] - RS: unreadable calendars
  • [OO-5700] - Course layout: Do not display the description of the course sub-elements on the overview page
  • [OO-5703] - Course layout background images are missing in new instances
  • [OO-5704] - CP: CP learning content can't be displayed
  • [OO-5705] - Course layout: No error message if uploaded image has wrong file format
  • [OO-5706] - Table filter: After a tab change, the table is still filtered
  • [OO-5707] - RS: filter settings in mobile view
  • [OO-5709] - Course tool e-mail does not send e-mails to group members
  • [OO-5710] - Don't send internal E-mail to deleted users
  • [OO-5711] - OOM: archive courses
  • [OO-5712] - Default teaser image config of new course elements not stored
  • [OO-5713] - RS when using card2brain alias with illegal characters
  • [OO-5716] - Catalog: Not finished learning resources are displayed under "Finished courses"
  • [OO-5718] - Course layout: Add system images

New Feature

  • [OO-5695] - Contact Tracing: Manually add 3-g certificate confirmation to the user profile


  • [OO-5672] - jUnit testcases for course copy service


  • [OO-5442] - Add search in personal tool for competencies
  • [OO-5501] - Curriculum: Multi-selection for all roles in member management in curriculum administration
  • [OO-5587] - Auto-close unused menu items when using ext-navigation in course menu
  • [OO-5673] - QTI: support tab focus on file upload test item
  • [OO-5683] - Course element: Improvement of the management and presentation of the course element title
  • [OO-5684] - Course layout: System default style for courses
  • [OO-5685] - Course element: Reduce information density in tab "Title and description"
  • [OO-5698] - QTI Essay: Umlauts are not counted correctly
  • [OO-5702] - My Courses: Add "educational type" as filter
  • [OO-5715] - Graders tab: Implement column sorting

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