Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 15.5.6 - HTML format


  • [OO-5617] - BigBlueButton: start recurring meetings on Sunday
  • [OO-5618] - QTI: word counter not displayed correctly
  • [OO-5619] - RS: move entry in catalog
  • [OO-5622] - QTI 2.1: prevent TinyMCE Table plugin to copy content
  • [OO-5624] - eP: remove button to display competency browser
  • [OO-5625] - Chat: display messages from users with the identical name separately
  • [OO-5626] - Chat: user list not updated when a user leaves
  • [OO-5628] - QTI: assessment period displayed in test cockpit although deleted
  • [OO-5630] - Course member management: Created group not linked to the course
  • [OO-5635] - Email link in appointment selection is missing
  • [OO-5638] - Timer displays not updated when deleting disadvantage compensation
  • [OO-5639] - BigBlueButton: lazy loading error of recordings in appointment
  • [OO-5640] - Changing user rights for one folder results in changed user rights for another folder
  • [OO-5642] - Appointment planning: return to first page after selecting a date
  • [OO-5644] - Scorm: do not store learning status for guest users
  • [OO-5645] - Lectures: Type of notice is not changed if edited
  • [OO-5653] - Collect issue for advanced configuration for user rights


  • [OO-5572] - Appointment scheduling: Optimize display of multiple organizers
  • [OO-5634] - REST: add an endpoint to get/edit more metadata of repository entry
  • [OO-5641] - Extend REST to export efficiency statements
  • [OO-5646] - Lectures: Optional e-mail by recording a new notice in lecture management
  • [OO-5650] - Add education type css class to course run view
  • [OO-5651] - Additional configurations for question type true / false
  • [OO-5652] - Course details in o_info
  • [OO-5654] - Notification: Email sent to inactive users

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