Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 16.1.0 - HTML format


  • [OO-5669] - Course navigation button: Content is not always displayed at the top
  • [OO-5801] - Efficiency statement and disadvantage compensation not displayed to user manager
  • [OO-5869] - Link in assessment mode doesn't work
  • [OO-5870] - Grading: meta time aggregated several times
  • [OO-5871] - Need to click twice the guest login
  • [OO-5873] - Table fulltext filter applied between filter switches
  • [OO-5874] - Covid certificate: manual process broken for medical certificates
  • [OO-5875] - Filter Organisations is missing in the tab search
  • [OO-5879] - Assessment done date not always saved
  • [OO-5881] - Certificate: copy description and other metadata to PDF forms
  • [OO-5883] - Cannot record absence when another lecture block already has one
  • [OO-5886] - Optional upload in form not optional
  • [OO-5893] - Office for the web returns unreadable docx files

New Feature

  • [OO-5190] - Automatic group life cycle management
  • [OO-5209] - Course: Exceptions in learning path editor
  • [OO-5210] - Course: import elements from other course
  • [OO-5449] - Relative dates in learning path configuration
  • [OO-5553] - Course: menu display options for learning path courses
  • [OO-5565] - Import externally created certificates
  • [OO-5788] - Curriculum support for evidence of achievements user tool
  • [OO-5789] - Course: add max score to course assessment user data model
  • [OO-5825] - New date methods in PDF certificates to display dates relative to original date


  • [OO-5749] - Update third party libraries
  • [OO-5843] - Code cleaning and small refactoring


  • [OO-5573] - QTI2.1: excel import for numerical questions
  • [OO-5648] - Test Export - course wizard extension with cover page possibility
  • [OO-5680] - Show course node warnings on the course editor UI
  • [OO-5694] - Course editor: Place actions for course elements on the object itself
  • [OO-5721] - QTI: Renaming resource type test
  • [OO-5732] - Improve the layout & notification information of non-accessible course elements
  • [OO-5743] - Filter: Improvements to the filters in the assessment tool
  • [OO-5744] - Lectures: Improving the recording of absences
  • [OO-5753] - Assessment tool performance improvements
  • [OO-5767] - Course card view redesign to fix issue with overlapping info elements
  • [OO-5844] - Improve readability of long question titles
  • [OO-5850] - Assessment: Restricting the release of assessments by course owners
  • [OO-5851] - Coaching: Enhancing the coaching tool for review and release orders
  • [OO-5860] - Assessment: Option"set "passed" manually" must only apply to the coach
  • [OO-5868] - Update SASS dependency
  • [OO-5872] - Visual Improvement - Course Info Site
  • [OO-5878] - Test editor: Place actions for test elements on the object itself
  • [OO-5894] - eAssessment: Participant View for test with no "Passed / Not passed"

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