Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 15.5.1 - HTML format


  • [OO-5379] - Test module change not propagated into user session
  • [OO-5444] - LTI 1.3: RS add deployment if not a single platform is available
  • [OO-5445] - E-Mail after importing a new user doesn't contains the right user name
  • [OO-5458] - Technical type of course is missing if the course is imported
  • [OO-5459] - Root message marked as changed in notification if someone delete a message
  • [OO-5460] - Changes to css class of educational course types not saved
  • [OO-5462] - Question Typ: It is possible to delete all answer options
  • [OO-5469] - Participant folder: access for course members only
  • [OO-5472] - Add an option to not archive the log table on course deletion
  • [OO-5484] - LTI 1.3: override of target link in course element doesn't work
  • [OO-5491] - Actions menu in list of appointments is cropped
  • [OO-5493] - Portfolio: copy of self-evaluation form are editable
  • [OO-5494] - Calendar color not applied
  • [OO-5495] - Remove dot in calendar
  • [OO-5496] - OAuth: disclaimer doesn't find the provider
  • [OO-5497] - SCORM: LMSTimeout can produce a red screen
  • [OO-5498] - QTI 2.1: specify the width of columns to be more compatible with LibreOffice and Pages
  • [OO-5499] - Prevent creation of form question rules if no container available
  • [OO-5500] - RS: copy forum messages from group to course

New Feature

  • [OO-5340] - BBB: Option to manually accept users on meeting join
  • [OO-5404] - Participant folder: Link directly to the folders


  • [OO-5456] - Save dragged image in TinyMCE as real file if possible
  • [OO-5457] - Excel Export contains spaces
  • [OO-5465] - Appointment scheduling: show button to start online meeting
  • [OO-5466] - Appointment scheduling: Course owner as organizer of occasion
  • [OO-5474] - Lectures: Optimize views in coaching tool and lecture management
  • [OO-5475] - Lectures: Bulk action for the authorization of absences and absence notices
  • [OO-5476] - Lectures: Show dispensation in separate column in absence views
  • [OO-5477] - Lectures: Master coaches with rights to reopen a lecture block
  • [OO-5478] - Lectures: Additional rights for teachers in absence management
  • [OO-5479] - Lectures: Optimization of the wizard for the creation of absence notices
  • [OO-5485] - Uniform configuration for all tests in courses

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