Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 15.3.14 - HTML format


  • [OO-5388] - Opening a linked course in a single page seems to close the current course
  • [OO-5389] - RS if edu-sharing configs are not working
  • [OO-5392] - Archive tool: archiving multiple surveys doesn't work
  • [OO-5395] - OnlyOffice Window shows downloadbutton even when function is disabled
  • [OO-5405] - RS when portfolio template with templates is deleted
  • [OO-5406] - Prevent deletion of used portfolio template
  • [OO-5408] - Hide tool options if toolbar not visible for participants
  • [OO-5411] - Course tool participant list does not show group members
  • [OO-5412] - Course log can block the task managers queue


  • [OO-5387] - Guest access to course element edu-sharing
  • [OO-5390] - Nice edu-sharing default configs
  • [OO-5391] - Forum: make archiver more robust against erroneous image attachments
  • [OO-5393] - Self-test improvements
  • [OO-5394] - Display message in test section if it contains questions with different scores
  • [OO-5399] - Video subtitles: alphabetical order of language list
  • [OO-5401] - Repo lifecycle: making auto deletion more robust against exceptions
  • [OO-5409] - Longer course disclaimer terms
  • [OO-5414] - Mail before account expiration is sent only once
  • [OO-5415] - Better compatibility with Storyline 360 content

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