Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 15.3.13 - HTML format


  • [OO-5357] - Expert rule isUser("") doesn't work with new user
  • [OO-5358] - RS: cannot delete course with forum
  • [OO-5359] - Cannot edit events in year's view of the calendar
  • [OO-5360] - Edited recurring events doesn't appears in calendar
  • [OO-5364] - Notifications of course tool "documents" if course in trash
  • [OO-5367] - Course navigation has an offset
  • [OO-5373] - OnlyOffice: Disable mobile viewer in embedded view per default
  • [OO-5375] - Topic assignment: Participant view (role change) shows too much
  • [OO-5377] - RS if searching for data collection ID
  • [OO-5380] - Course: calculation of QTI max score lead to red screen


  • [OO-5365] - Precise title for notifications of course tool "documents"
  • [OO-5368] - Show the assessment mode message always
  • [OO-5369] - BBB: Add options to recurring meetings
  • [OO-5370] - Glossary tooltips are covered
  • [OO-5372] - Topic assignment: dialog to send mail missing
  • [OO-5376] - Assessment mode: improve filter in administration

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