Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 15.3.12 - HTML format


  • [OO-5281] - "Members can leave the group" option setup will not be copied when copying a group
  • [OO-5292] - Option "Guest" to create blog posts wrong
  • [OO-5313] - Button to end assessment mode not working
  • [OO-5316] - Link to OOteach no longer valid
  • [OO-5321] - RS when setting participation restrictions in appointment scheduling
  • [OO-5322] - Do not save user infos in document editor cache for guests
  • [OO-5323] - Transcodings for external video resources
  • [OO-5324] - URL live stream field available in course and personal calendar
  • [OO-5331] - RS: create an hidden document
  • [OO-5333] - Appointment planning: support line breaks in description
  • [OO-5342] - Optional learning path elements with release date in the future cannot be skipped
  • [OO-5345] - Remove bookings in course administration for coaches
  • [OO-5349] - BigBlueButton: cannot delete meeting with large number of slides
  • [OO-5350] - RS if only one URL is defined in live stream
  • [OO-5351] - RS if survey is reseted while someone is filling in
  • [OO-5353] - Questions report need too much memory


  • [OO-5329] - Participant folders: normalize folder names
  • [OO-5332] - Make the anonymous list in correction consistent
  • [OO-5334] - Clean upload file names further
  • [OO-5335] - Update Paella Player to 6.5.2
  • [OO-5336] - Appointment: some people wish to send more information with confirmation email
  • [OO-5339] - Video: better handling of anamorphic videos
  • [OO-5348] - QTI 2.1: show the finish date in the assessment tool
  • [OO-5352] - QM: Sortable white/black lists

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