Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 15.3.10 - HTML format


  • [OO-5262] - Reminders: "Gruppenteilnehmer" is for members and not participants
  • [OO-5266] - Task: upload button remains disabled when deleting a document
  • [OO-5269] - QTI 2.1: if several videos in questions, only one is shown
  • [OO-5271] - RS: deleted course can be edited
  • [OO-5272] - Curriculum element ID not displayed correctly
  • [OO-5273] - OnlyOffice edit license is released too late
  • [OO-5277] - e-Portfolio: invitation are very quickly deleted
  • [OO-5279] - Calendar: cannot delete link to external document
  • [OO-5280] - ePortfolio: closing the page doesn't update the status in TOC
  • [OO-5283] - Open in new window reacts to on change events
  • [OO-5286] - Question import: wrong format for decimal values
  • [OO-5288] - RS: upload slides in a BigBlueButton meeting in a group


  • [OO-5257] - Add user to course events are executed 4 times
  • [OO-5258] - Publish of course slow with check list elements
  • [OO-5265] - Single page: Open internal links in new window
  • [OO-5275] - Course archive: assessment comments for users in checklists missing

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