Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 15.2.9 - HTML format


  • [OO-5057] - RS: access public folder of user as guest
  • [OO-5058] - Taxonomy: concurrent delete competence in user management
  • [OO-5063] - RS: upload a wrongly named JPG in drawing interaction editor
  • [OO-5065] - Stream more of the course export
  • [OO-5067] - RS when exporting checklist
  • [OO-5071] - RS: parsing user date property
  • [OO-5073] - Grading: report of last year only contains last month data
  • [OO-5075] - Bulk assessment does not work with Shib users
  • [OO-5076] - Shibboleth: migration flow of Shibboleth User with OLAT password
  • [OO-5078] - The e-mail address in request to delete account is not accepted by some mail servers
  • [OO-5085] - BouncyCastle loose the first place
  • [OO-5086] - Group folder notification not showing the last editor of a document
  • [OO-5089] - Topic assignment: folder names do not correspond to user names
  • [OO-5090] - Switch calendar week to ISO format


  • [OO-5055] - Opencast course element: add import dialog for videos
  • [OO-5072] - RS if live stream URL contains blanks
  • [OO-5083] - Course-related disclaimers: increase character limit for text fields

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