Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 15.3.1 - HTML format


  • [OO-4997] - Get memberships by group slow
  • [OO-4998] - Cannot delete course node
  • [OO-4999] - Start date of generated data collections may be slightly delayed.
  • [OO-5000] - Course element folder keeps scroll position
  • [OO-5002] - Logo configurations are not applied
  • [OO-5003] - Sort question bank lists alphabetically
  • [OO-5004] - Download configuration not propagated to document editor
  • [OO-5005] - Curriculum: more input validation while creating a curriculum
  • [OO-5006] - RS: remove index on description of learn resource
  • [OO-5009] - Contact tracting QR Code PDf mixed up
  • [OO-5012] - Cannot add image to an HTML page in course editor
  • [OO-5013] - RS: concurrent edit and delete of forum message
  • [OO-5015] - Footer: No link if no url configured
  • [OO-5022] - RS: unzip folders with locked files
  • [OO-5023] - RS: delete a group with tasks
  • [OO-5024] - Catalog: rounding error block access to catalog managers
  • [OO-5029] - OAuth: add a fallback if the OAuth service return only an ID

New Feature

  • [OO-5008] - Location import for contact tracing module
  • [OO-5028] - Contact tracing seat numbers


  • [OO-5007] - Longer external reference field in learn resource
  • [OO-5020] - BBB: REST endpoint to manage BBB servers

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