Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 15.2.3 - HTML format


  • [OO-4894] - User life cycle workflow does not work as expected
  • [OO-4907] - Username not shown in user profile when setting non-existing password
  • [OO-4908] - NPE: user session exception if session persistence enabled
  • [OO-4909] - QTI 2.1: removing cut value from a test with feedbacks
  • [OO-4910] - Username not shown in WebDAV password dialog
  • [OO-4911] - Cannot delete a course because of a wiki archive
  • [OO-4913] - Show correct pagination features under table in lectures-tool of coaches in courses
  • [OO-4920] - After booking a course the toolbar is not visible
  • [OO-4921] - QTI 2.1: RS: timer component cannot get the duration
  • [OO-4922] - RS: search user
  • [OO-4923] - CSRF: auto save doesn't propagate CSRF token
  • [OO-4926] - Grading: report list must aggregate the recorded times
  • [OO-4927] - DB deadlock: delete lot of files
  • [OO-4928] - Automatic overview incl. preview not displayed
  • [OO-4929] - GTA: remove download task button if coach has deleted the task
  • [OO-4936] - Grading: Code visible in report


  • [OO-4912] - Clean up upgrade of repository entry to group relations


  • [OO-4917] - Learning path obligation can be overridden with the current value
  • [OO-4924] - User life cycle: don't send email to user which have never log in
  • [OO-4925] - User life cycle: implement a grace period for reactivated user
  • [OO-4930] - SCORM: automatic closing of module lags several seconds
  • [OO-4932] - Add course informations to survey report
  • [OO-4933] - Grading: reports must only consider the close date
  • [OO-4935] - Grading: show closed assignments only if filtered or no status filter is active

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