Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 15.2.2 - HTML format


  • [OO-4866] - QTI 2.1: multiple choice has a red mark
  • [OO-4867] - Logging in in a second Tab/Window makes Olat in original Tab/Window unresponsive
  • [OO-4868] - GTA: show always all file in the task directory
  • [OO-4869] - RS: export QTI with user without last name
  • [OO-4870] - RS: list of deleted LDAP users
  • [OO-4871] - Escape file name with + uploaded in the single page
  • [OO-4872] - In the course elemnt "Topic assignment" a red screen is created when a topic is assigned
  • [OO-4873] - OLAT authentication fallback case sensitivity issue
  • [OO-4875] - Icon are not shown in auto completer for user search
  • [OO-4876] - BigBlueButton: render return in description with <br>
  • [OO-4877] - Administration is not updated after status changed
  • [OO-4879] - Tests for guests: Excel with raw data missing when archiving tests
  • [OO-4880] - Self-tests for guests: Data in the archived Excel file are in wrong columns
  • [OO-4882] - Reminder variable $username show the legacy identity name
  • [OO-4889] - RS: validation in user life cycle configuration needed
  • [OO-4890] - Cannot delete user with orphan ratings
  • [OO-4895] - User life cycle: inactivation email date has to be cleared after login
  • [OO-4896] - User bulk import: handle separately user name and login name for Shibboleth and LDAP
  • [OO-4897] - Double same menu items in help module propositions
  • [OO-4901] - Uploaded file in Topic assignment cannot be assessed
  • [OO-4902] - Catalog entry with long description flow in the list of sub categories and entries
  • [OO-4903] - Add member auto completer search works with 2 different queries


  • [OO-4842] - LDAP: synchronise user as participant and coach at the same time
  • [OO-4854] - Catalog: option to sort alphabetically by title
  • [OO-4874] - Add table export in question bank
  • [OO-4881] - Add additional column in report "Questions to tests"
  • [OO-4888] - Move user nickname renaming form profile to authentication screen
  • [OO-4899] - Add an option to disable "About me"
  • [OO-4900] - LDAP: make user-mapping during sync case-insensitive

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