Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 15.2.1 - HTML format


  • [OO-4843] - RS: correction column in read only mode
  • [OO-4844] - Consent of course-related terms of use is stored for guest user
  • [OO-4845] - RS when sending email with the quality management report
  • [OO-4847] - Avoid creation of data collections with deadlines in past
  • [OO-4848] - Disable generator not possible while running
  • [OO-4849] - Memory leak in PDF service
  • [OO-4850] - BBB-Recordings Metadata in wrong API Call
  • [OO-4859] - BasicLTI: assessment tool is broken
  • [OO-4860] - BBB OpenCast Handler uses wrong id when searching for recordins
  • [OO-4863] - QTI 2.1: missing CSS rules for some interactions in result
  • [OO-4864] - bbb recordings in opencast: wrong dc:title for series

New Feature

  • [OO-4865] - BBB: use user name in userID in join call


  • [OO-4851] - Show API authorisation in Opencast course node configuration view
  • [OO-4852] - Improved instruction for input of relative error
  • [OO-4856] - LDAP: filter gender without translation
  • [OO-4858] - OpenCast course element: use wildcard to show all available recordings
  • [OO-4862] - Translated "no access" message

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