Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 15.3 - HTML format


  • [OO-4931] - Wrong calculation of content height in course elements
  • [OO-4955] - The navbar "more" menu sometimes hidden behind toolbar

New Feature

  • [OO-4678] - Advanced rights for user relation role (user-to-user role)
  • [OO-4679] - Access to user relation roles in coaching tool (user-to-user role)
  • [OO-4680] - Access to course enrollments in coaching tool for user relation roles right
  • [OO-4681] - Access to lectures and absences in coaching tool for user relation roles
  • [OO-4682] - Access to efficiency statements in coaching tool for user relation roles
  • [OO-4683] - Access to timetable in coaching tool for user relation roles
  • [OO-4684] - Access to groups in coaching tool for user relation roles
  • [OO-4685] - Access to bookings in coaching tool for user relation roles
  • [OO-4770] - Search resources by taxonomy
  • [OO-4771] - Option to automatically empty learning resource trash after some time
  • [OO-4801] - New course element "Document"
  • [OO-4828] - Improved usermanagement for curriculum managers
  • [OO-4891] - Admin: configuration overview
  • [OO-4892] - Formatted comments in correction workflow
  • [OO-4893] - Correction process: Add file upload for assessment documents
  • [OO-4904] - Login provider for Microsoft Azure Directory / M365
  • [OO-4905] - Implement document thumbnail SPI using OnlyOffice
  • [OO-4915] - Organisation role line-manager: role rights and access
  • [OO-4918] - BBB meeting room scheduling for course element appointment scheduling
  • [OO-4934] - QTI: extend test time for users with disadvantage compensation
  • [OO-4944] - Add drag&drop support to file upload forms
  • [OO-4956] - Possibility to deactivate reasons in administration (lectures)
  • [OO-4971] - Contact tracing module


  • [OO-4906] - Java 11, Servlet 4.0 and libraries update


  • [OO-4505] - QM: Search data collections
  • [OO-4752] - Question bank: Add column Level and Typical learning time
  • [OO-4807] - Show Test Start time at Assessment Center
  • [OO-4808] - Calculation max. score if only a part of the questions is drawn
  • [OO-4832] - Additional condition for automatic reminder: learning progress
  • [OO-4842] - LDAP: synchronise user as participant and coach at the same time
  • [OO-4878] - Document editors: Open in new window
  • [OO-4884] - Group management: search for unused groups
  • [OO-4885] - Document editors: Embedded view
  • [OO-4886] - Course role switch: add other roles as well
  • [OO-4888] - Move user nickname renaming form profile to authentication screen
  • [OO-4898] - Alphabetical sort order of course reminders
  • [OO-4914] - Grading tool: anonymous grading for external grader only
  • [OO-4916] - Improve OpenOlat login provider icon placement
  • [OO-4937] - Set filename as default display name for document learning resources
  • [OO-4938] - ONLYOFFICE mobile editor on small devices
  • [OO-4939] - Removal of Office365 Editor from open source release
  • [OO-4940] - ONLYOFFICE: Configuration to disable the edit capabilities
  • [OO-4941] - Method to extend content area to not cut menu and popovers
  • [OO-4942] - Inline media picker for TinyMCE
  • [OO-4943] - Use all available space for HTML file editor
  • [OO-4980] - Question bank: Show number of selected questions in dialog
  • [OO-4982] - Appointment scheduling: name of organizer is displayed multiple times
  • [OO-4995] - Calculation max. score when x out of questions are drawn

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