Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 15.1.1 - HTML format


  • [OO-4783] - Forum: modification date
  • [OO-4784] - Assessment mode: event send to all curriculums participants
  • [OO-4786] - QTI 2.1: validate integer closer
  • [OO-4791] - Issues with help module and ooteach plugin
  • [OO-4795] - Blog/Wiki selection button visible if toolbar disabled


  • [OO-4780] - Wrong wording at Bewertungswerkeug/Korrigieren: "Speichern und nächste Frage"
  • [OO-4782] - Grading tool: improve mail templates in administration
  • [OO-4787] - Grading tool: Add mail template to inform participants
  • [OO-4788] - Grading tool: Visibility of test results after external correction
  • [OO-4789] - Real minutes of correction time for administrators only
  • [OO-4790] - REST API for the grading service
  • [OO-4792] - QTI1.2 is self test not working anymore
  • [OO-4793] - Support m3u8 format for URL import
  • [OO-4796] - QTI 2.1: allow to more flexibility to switch test
  • [OO-4797] - Word export: output XML in images

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