Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 15.2 - HTML format


  • [OO-4835] - Video: option for description under the video result is random
  • [OO-4840] - Cannot shutdown OpenOlat properly
  • [OO-4841] - File upload: Score / comments from correction not included in result export

New Feature

  • [OO-4545] - Add users to courses, groups etc. by first and last name
  • [OO-4717] - Open course tools from single pages
  • [OO-4794] - Remove username dependencies from login process, make it possible to rename
  • [OO-4818] - BigBlueButton Recording Handler Infrastructure
  • [OO-4819] - BBB participant list
  • [OO-4820] - Publish BBB recordings
  • [OO-4821] - BBB Opencast Recording handler
  • [OO-4822] - Framework feature to create new window from within a controller
  • [OO-4836] - Opencast course element


  • [OO-4816] - Update third party libraries
  • [OO-4829] - MySQL driver update


  • [OO-1643] - Detach LDAP username from OpenOLAT username and import LDAP users via excel
  • [OO-4766] - Show the number of users waiting in assessment mode to start
  • [OO-4799] - Help module: options sorting
  • [OO-4837] - Teilnehmerinfos/Teilnehmer Infos
  • [OO-4838] - Add an url to the course calendar tool's link

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