Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 15.0.1 - HTML format


  • [OO-4655] - mp3 and mp4 in Wiki
  • [OO-4675] - Can not create assessment mode for all course members
  • [OO-4686] - RS: rubric evaluation close and reopen
  • [OO-4689] - Task: file with same name is co-deleted
  • [OO-4690] - RS: import new users with same user name but different data
  • [OO-4692] - RS: edit project in project broker
  • [OO-4693] - BigBlueButton: recalculate group tools after template changes
  • [OO-4694] - BigBlueButton: User can enter meeting room before defined starting time
  • [OO-4695] - RS after finish a survey
  • [OO-4696] - Clean up invitation doesn't work
  • [OO-4697] - Can import users with the same institutional emails
  • [OO-4698] - Video: import doesn't create VFS metadata
  • [OO-4699] - Video: red screen if the video URL has a space
  • [OO-4700] - Quota: wrong default for shared folder
  • [OO-4702] - Excel import: points for essay questions remain always on 1
  • [OO-4703] - RS: missing attachments directory in forum


  • [OO-4691] - BigBlueButton: change checksum algorithm to SHA1 for compatibility with Scalelite


  • [OO-4701] - BigBlueButton: Preparation time only for moderators

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