Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 15.1 - HTML format


  • [OO-4675] - Can not create assessment mode for all course members
  • [OO-4765] - Removing groups from assessment mode impossible
  • [OO-4767] - Many files are uploadable at Paticipant folder despite amount restriction
  • [OO-4768] - Error in revisions size REST API
  • [OO-4775] - File statistics wrong
  • [OO-4776] - VFS: rename can create 2 metadata entries
  • [OO-4777] - CP: CP course elements used as chapter of other CPs

New Feature

  • [OO-1392] - Add a progress indicator for (big) file uploads
  • [OO-2100] - Copy action in assessment mode configuration
  • [OO-4460] - Deprovisioning user: status "inactiv"
  • [OO-4550] - Show test results dependent of passed status and date
  • [OO-4562] - Extend help module, include academy and more
  • [OO-4630] - Improved and renewed course element date enrollment
  • [OO-4647] - Course: menu config to render course menu in different styles
  • [OO-4676] - Course element edu-sharing
  • [OO-4733] - BBB: access for guest users
  • [OO-4734] - BBB: Layout option to optimise for Webcam-Meeting scenarios
  • [OO-4735] - BBB: access via link for external users
  • [OO-4737] - BBB: action to delete a recording
  • [OO-4739] - BBB: add config option in group for meeting management
  • [OO-4740] - Support for forum inline media
  • [OO-4756] - Report: Certificates


  • [OO-2036] - Allow opening of course in new window
  • [OO-4634] - QM: Add new role to report access - learning resource manager
  • [OO-4688] - Option to allow the same course ID for several Shibboleth bookings
  • [OO-4704] - Performance tuning to load the data collections
  • [OO-4708] - QM: Add blacklist infrastructure to datagenerator (analogy to whitelisting possibility)
  • [OO-4728] - Update librairies
  • [OO-4736] - BBB: add link to course element / group in meeting events
  • [OO-4738] - BBB: make permanent meetings appear above meetings with date
  • [OO-4741] - Make video play button better visible on white background
  • [OO-4758] - Add confirmed status to checklist box
  • [OO-4769] - Learning path: Due date has to be after release date
  • [OO-4778] - Improve visual style of coach-publish status for resources
  • [OO-4779] - Make catalog short title a bit larger and handle too long titles
  • [OO-4781] - Add OOTeach to available help plugins

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