Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 14.2.6 - HTML format


  • [OO-4599] - Allow BBB templates for only one room
  • [OO-4601] - RS: the forum course element produce a RS if there isn't any forum to delete
  • [OO-4602] - RS: pdf for check with unwanted windows characters
  • [OO-4605] - Assessment tool: Passed progress bar shows no progress
  • [OO-4608] - In forum and info messages, use always absolute URLs
  • [OO-4612] - CP Upload and Editor gets caught in spinning wheel for massive CP files
  • [OO-4615] - RS: if Adobe Connect servers cannot be reached
  • [OO-4616] - RS: chat with emojis on MySQL


  • [OO-4600] - GoToMeeting has changed the format of the refresh token


  • [OO-4572] - QM: Better filter visibilty in analysis section
  • [OO-4598] - List of documents open in external editor
  • [OO-4604] - Curriculum Element: People Management (with workflow) also on this level possible
  • [OO-4606] - Roll call: don't send reminder mail to coach when course is in trash
  • [OO-4610] - Libsass compatibility
  • [OO-4614] - Prefer email to username in change password in email for some auto generated user names
  • [OO-4617] - Delete /export/ directory and som downloadable ZIPs

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