Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 14.2.4 - HTML format


  • [OO-4547] - Video: time limit of question validation
  • [OO-4548] - NPE: video if size preferences is null
  • [OO-4549] - RS: image if the type cannot be guessed
  • [OO-4554] - Survey: Value 10 is treated as 1 in some reports
  • [OO-4555] - Notifications for Video collection video comments not working
  • [OO-4556] - Show only published videos in Video collection
  • [OO-4561] - Bread crumb missing in lectures management
  • [OO-4563] - Lectures: user doesn't get always admin rights in lectures administration
  • [OO-4565] - Lectures: like search course external ref.
  • [OO-4566] - Adobe connect: cannot create a user without first name
  • [OO-4570] - LTI content in new window does not use correct encoding for launch
  • [OO-4573] - RS if a survey without a rubric is opened in the heat map


  • [OO-4552] - Successful deregistration message when leaving a resource that cannot be left
  • [OO-4553] - Add more variables to mail template for course / group memberships
  • [OO-4567] - Question pool: search by owner (author right)
  • [OO-4568] - Support multiple group copies with different names when duplicating groups
  • [OO-4569] - Question bank: allow users to edit a question in a shared pool / group
  • [OO-4574] - Lectures management: enable column sorting in user search

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