Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 14.2.3 - HTML format


  • [OO-4522] - Rubic in Survey content vanishes
  • [OO-4523] - Canceling an executed "Advanced Search" is not carried out correctly
  • [OO-4524] - KPrim question blocks itself
  • [OO-4525] - Glossary tooltips in single page doesn't work anymore
  • [OO-4530] - Only one live stream is initially displayed
  • [OO-4531] - Rubric changes are saved if changes are cancelled
  • [OO-4532] - New sliders can't be ordered in a rubric
  • [OO-4539] - Tooltip at the end of a long single page are not visible
  • [OO-4540] - In a gap text question a gap may disappear (only in editor)
  • [OO-4542] - Day recording of absences possible although not activated
  • [OO-4543] - Sound continue to play in video resources


  • [OO-4526] - Question bank: Add metadata fields to the search
  • [OO-4527] - QTI test: metatdata field for manual grading time not locked
  • [OO-4536] - Edit XML files with the internal document editor
  • [OO-4537] - Adobe Connect: ampersand is not allowed in meeting name
  • [OO-4541] - Livestream: Show info if stream is not broadcasted yet.

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