Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 14.1.6 - HTML format


  • [OO-4354] - GTA: solutions notifications for participants of groups
  • [OO-4355] - RS when open a saved presentation in quality management
  • [OO-4362] - Filters are not set (in GUI) after open a saved search in quality managemet
  • [OO-4365] - Yesterday's live streams are visible
  • [OO-4367] - Remove some part of the username black list
  • [OO-4368] - Red screen feedback don't find the user
  • [OO-4370] - RS: login with LDAP and moved email adress
  • [OO-4376] - Reference to questionnaire is missing after copy of survey course node
  • [OO-4379] - QTI Archive for very large course
  • [OO-4382] - No message when uploading a different file type than defined in the questionnaire
  • [OO-4383] - Cannot open ZIP with metadata on macOS
  • [OO-4385] - Highscore podium is not displayed if "anonymous" is configured
  • [OO-4387] - RS: cannot delete lecture block in course with notice
  • [OO-4388] - RS: could not upload document
  • [OO-4389] - Podcast links for iTunes and iOS doesn't work with the new
  • [OO-4392] - GTA: changing active group does not change the group name in the yellow text fields
  • [OO-4393] - Problem open/close file in course element folder (via course editor)
  • [OO-4397] - RS: lazy loading issue in group task
  • [OO-4399] - Portfolio: review of survey assignment with "Only self evaluation"
  • [OO-4404] - Cannot send mail to member of course if title has (
  • [OO-4405] - QTI 2.1: red screen in statistics if response declaration of FIB is missing
  • [OO-4406] - RS: search for error in administration

New Feature

  • [OO-4407] - RS when a large number is inserted in a numeric survey field


  • [OO-4363] - Assessment mode: Adjust start time when starting manually
  • [OO-4364] - Question pool: click title to start editor
  • [OO-4371] - Reduce number of errors due to browser aborting a request by download
  • [OO-4372] - WebDAV: metadata entries for WebDAV client help stay in database
  • [OO-4373] - LDAP: synchronisation must check emails in the HA1 credentials
  • [OO-4380] - Support for Vimeo videos shared as Private Link and remove doubled navigation
  • [OO-4381] - Video quizz: better handle large question
  • [OO-4384] - Curriculum: only show the tab in "My courses" if the user has at least a curriculum
  • [OO-4400] - Typo Import Video URL
  • [OO-4401] - Scorm: enhance compatibility with content like Articulate

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