Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 14.1.5 - HTML format


  • [OO-4323] - Horizontal scrolling missing in large single page course elements
  • [OO-4324] - Video player can not play Vimeo videos in Chrome
  • [OO-4325] - Different Time handling for Deadlines in course element Task
  • [OO-4327] - Blog: RSS feed URL is missing the token for logged in user
  • [OO-4330] - Video: Replace Poster
  • [OO-4331] - File name display wrong for video subtitles
  • [OO-4332] - RS:import a portfolio template with form assignments
  • [OO-4334] - Video: update JCodec to version 0.2.5
  • [OO-4336] - Enrolment: no notification of participants when manually added from the waiting list
  • [OO-4337] - Error message when cancel bulk assessment
  • [OO-4338] - RS in manual scoring course element if scale is not set
  • [OO-4340] - Imported calendars can block the scheduler
  • [OO-4341] - Cannot use generic selection with the multi option
  • [OO-4344] - RS: sort of curriculum in "My courses"
  • [OO-4345] - Number of courses of restapi/courses return the wrong total count
  • [OO-4348] - QM: Course generator generates data collections too early
  • [OO-4350] - Average in group assessment is sometimes not visible
  • [OO-4351] - Peekview of participant folder show files of users which are not participants
  • [OO-4353] - Assessment notifications restricted to coaches of groups


  • [OO-4326] - RS: NPE in publish process
  • [OO-4328] - REST: the metadata fields from template are not copied
  • [OO-4329] - Lectures: admin cannot access lectures administration in closed courses
  • [OO-4333] - Default settings for survey course element
  • [OO-4339] - CSS classes for responsive tables
  • [OO-4342] - Possibility to insert tables in a blog
  • [OO-4343] - Add a dead simple list of jobs and triggers
  • [OO-4346] - File upload in eP survey cannot be viewed or downloaded

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