Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 14.1.2 - HTML format


  • [OO-4228] - Cannot index single page course node with certain configuration
  • [OO-4229] - Optimize increment download counter for files
  • [OO-4230] - Search in members tab doesn't filter anything
  • [OO-4231] - CSS suboptimal for the special tab rendering on certain themes
  • [OO-4232] - External document editors should not depend on enabled REST API
  • [OO-4233] - SMS: the provider get the *** version of the phone number
  • [OO-4235] - It should only be possible to select one coach as topic
  • [OO-4236] - Optimize listing of directory in folder component
  • [OO-4237] - Update failed with very long image name
  • [OO-4238] - XSS filter name of document in blog
  • [OO-4239] - RS: in course lectures for teachers, cancel the search
  • [OO-4240] - Redscreen collect documents- when no document is uploaded
  • [OO-4242] - Assessment mode without curriculum management
  • [OO-4243] - RS: size of background not available
  • [OO-4244] - Language adaption (en-de) Video-Livestream
  • [OO-4245] - Cannot delete course with survey
  • [OO-4246] - RS: going on a survey course element
  • [OO-4247] - Catalog: table may disappear when setting a filter
  • [OO-4248] - Don't reload calendars after every click in the configuration's panel
  • [OO-4249] - PeekView: don't show deleted files in folder course element


  • [OO-4225] - Add more rows to group management table
  • [OO-4234] - Show curriculum element hierarchy in quality surveys

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