Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 14.0.3 - HTML format


  • [OO-4158] - Managed calendar events can be changed per drag&drop
  • [OO-4163] - Rubric scoring: rubrics are only displayed for participants when points are transferred
  • [OO-4169] - In the AssessmentTool some uploaded Files from a QTI2.1 Upload Test Item can't be downloaded
  • [OO-4171] - RS in manual scoring configuration
  • [OO-4172] - Collabora (text-document) error message after saving
  • [OO-4173] - Collabora template is in French
  • [OO-4176] - RS: identifier too long in organisation
  • [OO-4177] - RS if special signs are not allowed in passwords
  • [OO-4178] - Thumbnails of course not updated if versioning is disabled
  • [OO-4180] - Curriculum: the search doesn't work


  • [OO-4164] - Rubric scoring: Show rubric questionnaire directly for participants
  • [OO-4166] - Curriculum: able to move a curriculum element from a curriculum to the other per REST API
  • [OO-4175] - Accept longer Skype ID
  • [OO-4179] - Add read/viewed status to check list box
  • [OO-4181] - Edubase: Static URLs for cover files

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