Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 14.2 - HTML format


  • [OO-4335] - GTA: last modifications informations are not set for groups
  • [OO-4366] - Flexi table: cannot select only one column with mandatory columns
  • [OO-4410] - Column chooser deselects mandatory columns
  • [OO-4435] - OOM: in lectures tab for admin, the tab lectures will load all lecture blocks

New Feature

  • [OO-4357] - Livestream: Paella player integration
  • [OO-4358] - Livestream: integrated user statistic
  • [OO-4360] - Task: minimum number of documents to be submitted
  • [OO-4378] - Text feedback in task course element in addition to file feedback
  • [OO-4386] - Several Stine courses lead to an OpenOlat course
  • [OO-4438] - QTI metadata: add expected grading time
  • [OO-4439] - QTI edior - show and sum expected grading time
  • [OO-4463] - REST endpoint to get size of all revisions



  • [OO-3381] - Assessment: implement more score options for gap text
  • [OO-4254] - Flexi UI enhancement
  • [OO-4359] - Task: add table export
  • [OO-4375] - New admin tool for file and version management
  • [OO-4377] - Remove user preference "font size"
  • [OO-4390] - QM: Custom sender of e-mails
  • [OO-4391] - Access of data collections by organisational assignment
  • [OO-4411] - Subscription function for video course element
  • [OO-4412] - Random arrangement of sections in QTI 2.1 test
  • [OO-4413] - gap question: disable twice the same answer
  • [OO-4431] - Members list: optimise loading of peek view and members in general
  • [OO-4433] - QM: Show generator type in configuration view
  • [OO-4448] - REST: add visibility flag to calendar event VO
  • [OO-4450] - Change visibility of calendar events of groups in event

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