Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 13.2.8 - HTML format


  • [OO-4108] - Survey report: Legend displayed at the wrong place
  • [OO-4112] - OOM: in coaching tool in the details of a group
  • [OO-4114] - RS when copy a suvey course node
  • [OO-4115] - RepositoryEntries with close managed flag should not be closable with the status dropdown
  • [OO-4116] - Infos button in authoring env. doesn't land always in infos page
  • [OO-4120] - Don't send reminders of closed courses
  • [OO-4122] - Drag & Drop of course elements in courseeditor
  • [OO-4135] - Video: delete a video doesn't discard the view
  • [OO-4137] - Cannot download assessment documents with a mix of +, blanks and parenthesis in file name
  • [OO-4138] - "Show name" configuration of a rubric is disabled
  • [OO-4139] - RS when filter trend diagram by insufficient values
  • [OO-4141] - QM: Biggest bullet in heat map should be as big as possible


  • [OO-4117] - Excel table export in assessment tool has icons as headers
  • [OO-4118] - Bulk assessment: allow "Bestanden" in the imported CSV file

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