Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 14.1 - HTML format


  • [OO-4126] - Repeating downloads of ***.dms file
  • [OO-4132] - Sometimes button to add user to org is missing
  • [OO-4174] - Import Questions from the question pool as quiz for Videos
  • [OO-4182] - HTML Sanitizer remove javascript:parent.goto({course node id})
  • [OO-4185] - Error message when editing a newly created file in ONLYOFFICE
  • [OO-4187] - RS: back and next in duplicate group wizard
  • [OO-4188] - RS: coach make revisions in GTA
  • [OO-4189] - RS: author concurrently edit test and see results
  • [OO-4190] - OnlyOffice: document key generated from wrong lastModified
  • [OO-4191] - RS: button preview in course element editor of LTI
  • [OO-4192] - Course search in user management doesn't return any results
  • [OO-4193] - XSS-filter filters internal links
  • [OO-4194] - QTI 2.1: allow copy from solution in feedback of text entry interactions
  • [OO-4195] - RS: cannot delete a curriculum with element linked to a lecture block
  • [OO-4196] - New forum: HTML codes are visible in title
  • [OO-4197] - RS: picking efficiency statement for portfolio with Oracle
  • [OO-4202] - User management: it's not possible to ad a user to learning resources
  • [OO-4208] - EP: Questionnaire title is used for entry instead of title field
  • [OO-4212] - Archive: export preferences for QTI are only used if the configuration is opened


  • [OO-4150] - Lecture and Roll-Call: AbsenceNotice, Cockpit, Day-View, Reports and more

New Feature

  • [OO-4092] - Kalendar: reset and delete all events
  • [OO-4093] - Test: show estimated item time in test overview
  • [OO-4111] - Skipping of email validation as new option of registration workflow
  • [OO-4113] - Search learning resources by organisation
  • [OO-4130] - QM: Means in heatmap
  • [OO-4151] - Datamodel to implement AbsenceNotice
  • [OO-4155] - Absence reason as predefined list for absence categories
  • [OO-4161] - Option to display test results when using assessment mode
  • [OO-4162] - Average score method as alternative to sum of score on structure node
  • [OO-4203] - Paypal Checkout v2
  • [OO-4214] - Lecture Management Site
  • [OO-4215] - Coaching Tool: Absence management with cockpit and multi roll call
  • [OO-4216] - Coaching Tool: Class view for master coaches
  • [OO-4217] - Record notice of absences and dispensations
  • [OO-4218] - Extended personal absence overview for users


  • [OO-4149] - Update libraries
  • [OO-4152] - Code cleaning
  • [OO-4183] - New deafult Edubase URLs
  • [OO-4184] - Course statistics has no values for live stream course nodes


  • [OO-4086] - When embedding YouTube video resource import metadata such as license, description etc.
  • [OO-4088] - Help test authors deal with licensed items
  • [OO-4091] - Forum: Improve thread table in single message view
  • [OO-4104] - Rubric Reporting display enhancement
  • [OO-4134] - Exclude single questions in report statistics
  • [OO-4142] - Change question weight of a used questionnaire
  • [OO-4143] - Show no warning in survey if text field is left blank
  • [OO-4165] - Migrate full text search to db search in question pool
  • [OO-4170] - User import should set current org by default for users
  • [OO-4198] - Add a warning if the correct doesn't have points but an incorrect one has
  • [OO-4199] - Count binder made of template as reference in authoring tool
  • [OO-4200] - Add label for more than 12 lecture per day
  • [OO-4201] - Stricter validation of the quota size
  • [OO-4204] - Disable creation of new QTI 1.2 course elements by default
  • [OO-4205] - Flexi XLSX table export doesn't export footer
  • [OO-4209] - OpenMeetings: remove the VCRP email address from "Send email"
  • [OO-4210] - Option to set user info field as mandatory for questionnaire
  • [OO-4211] - QTI 2.1: start export numbering by 1

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