Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 13.2.4 - HTML format


  • [OO-4001] - Curriculum element generator creates no data collections
  • [OO-4002] - Wrong error message if replacing a sample solution or uploaded document
  • [OO-4003] - QTI2.1: Answer positions are editable in final-status (although read-only)
  • [OO-4004] - Users which wasn't user in 12.x or earlier are not users in 13.x
  • [OO-4005] - Move curriculum element with type constraints
  • [OO-4011] - Cannot copy video (wrong ZIP format)
  • [OO-4012] - RS: delete a file which is already deleted
  • [OO-4013] - Thread loading QTI test on test completion ends up in infinite loop
  • [OO-4014] - RS after creating a document in info messages
  • [OO-4016] - Button to jump to efficiency statement configuration has no effect
  • [OO-4017] - RS if corrupt certificate template is uploaded
  • [OO-4019] - RS when sorting user list by status
  • [OO-4020] - e-Portfolio or new survey resources are never ready to be deleted
  • [OO-4021] - RS: empty number in enrolment configuration
  • [OO-4022] - QTI 1.2: shuffled responses of single/multiple choices appears twice
  • [OO-4025] - Only send to user administrators emails to leave a group
  • [OO-4026] - Buttons of TinyMCE popups are not visible on very small devices
  • [OO-4027] - Catalog feature visible in course even when disabled
  • [OO-4031] - Image not visible in blog description
  • [OO-4032] - Filtering within Courses->Curriculum "active"
  • [OO-4033] - Table header in project broker wrong
  • [OO-4035] - Missleading validation error when uploading a certificate template
  • [OO-4036] - Use PDF service in certification preview
  • [OO-4037] - Certificates verification URL is not displayed as QR code
  • [OO-4038] - Glossary disappears when reopening a course
  • [OO-4039] - assignment dropbox directory can be overwritten with a file with assignment upload
  • [OO-4041] - Link integration in email form in member list doesn't work


  • [OO-4024] - Bug in Batik breaks XSS validation


  • [OO-4008] - Search by id in user management
  • [OO-4023] - Custom variables for PDF certificates

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