Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 13.2.2 - HTML format


  • [OO-3958] - Blogs: code visible for back and previous buttons
  • [OO-3959] - Assessment tool: RS appears when score is configured without setting passed
  • [OO-3960] - Import URL: unable to import Panopto url
  • [OO-3961] - RS: in open groups table
  • [OO-3964] - Numerical input questions: Rounding error leads to failed tests
  • [OO-3967] - QTI 1.2: illegal character block result XSLT transformation
  • [OO-3969] - Pending users in course / groups are always filtered
  • [OO-3971] - Question pool: Advanced search for subjects (taxonomy) does not work properly
  • [OO-3973] - Survey: coaches only see results if owners is configured


  • [OO-3955] - Filter option for groups in participant folder
  • [OO-3957] - Improve performance of "My courses" with MySQL and large database
  • [OO-3962] - Right alignment of headers in course statistic
  • [OO-3963] - Add /access to the course REST API
  • [OO-3966] - QM: Graphical improvements in the report sent by email
  • [OO-3968] - Individual questionnaires not visible anymore
  • [OO-3970] - Author: remove double check of the status of repository entries

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