Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 13.2.1 - HTML format


  • [OO-3923] - Upgrader 13.1.0 can take a long time and MySQL close the connection
  • [OO-3926] - Report access members are not saved
  • [OO-3928] - RS if filter quality analysis with data collection start in future
  • [OO-3931] - Curriculum: rs creating a new element
  • [OO-3935] - RS: User management > Delete user > E-mail sent
  • [OO-3936] - Video: cannot update duration value in metadata
  • [OO-3944] - Course lecture generator generates no data collection
  • [OO-3946] - More configuration to disable some critical features
  • [OO-3947] - EP: Show group coach only once in course coach access control
  • [OO-3948] - Tests statistics: View sometimes jumps back to first entry
  • [OO-3950] - Lectures: wrong sum in aggregated sub tables
  • [OO-3951] - Lectures: curriculum element without courses but with aggregation show statistics of all system
  • [OO-3952] - Calendar: recurring event with exclusion dates doesn't work with mac, iOS and google calendar
  • [OO-3953] - QTI 2.1: right click start uncontrolled drawing in drawing interaction
  • [OO-3954] - Cannot show the "not saved" message in full screen mode

New Feature

  • [OO-3781] - New delivery method for Reports using the new PDF Creator Infrastructure
  • [OO-3919] - Implement MessagesSPI for BulkSMS provider


  • [OO-3918] - VFSWebservice: normalizing file name prevents file download
  • [OO-3920] - Keep track of the TinyMCE size (in a limited manner)
  • [OO-3921] - QTI 2.1: add a resize function in drawing interaction editor like the hotspot one
  • [OO-3922] - Course reminder: persist customized settings for table
  • [OO-3925] - Show trend details in the upper most bread crumb
  • [OO-3927] - Print view of trend details
  • [OO-3949] - Test statistics: Missing images in match question

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