Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 13.2 - HTML format


  • [OO-3904] - Error with Multiple checklists
  • [OO-3906] - QTI 2.1: hotspot / drawing can share same uploaded image
  • [OO-3909] - Error loading the course folder
  • [OO-3917] - QTI 2.1: if you only changed the cut value of a test, it's not saved


  • [OO-3776] - QM Extension: Trendreport, Reportenhancement for average values, Reportdelivery via E-Mail and PDF

New Feature

  • [OO-3305] - User to user relation with role
  • [OO-3519] - When rejecting the disclaimer but user already exist, show mail form to ask for account deletion
  • [OO-3520] - Allow user to request account deletion / reject already accepted disclaimer
  • [OO-3753] - Quality Management Report access configuration for Supervisors
  • [OO-3769] - Matomo (Piwik) analytics provider as alternative to google analytics
  • [OO-3771] - Use of variables in e-mail course element
  • [OO-3777] - Trend report of total averages in relation to grouping
  • [OO-3779] - Report: Extension to visualize average values in report overview
  • [OO-3783] - QM Report downloads as pdf
  • [OO-3784] - New infrastructure to create PDF's
  • [OO-3859] - Integrate video files from external source


  • [OO-3860] - Adapt Google+ login provider
  • [OO-3867] - Remove the MSN user property


  • [OO-3841] - Update libraries
  • [OO-3844] - Reordering GUI elements in analysis section
  • [OO-3852] - Content editor: Group add buttons and hide them behind a plus button
  • [OO-3853] - Show the name of the rubric in execution
  • [OO-3854] - Inline editing of sc and mc answers
  • [OO-3855] - Redesign of the rubrics editor
  • [OO-3856] - Add table tool to survey editor
  • [OO-3857] - Add image tool to survey editor
  • [OO-3858] - Unified presentation of up/down buttons
  • [OO-3863] - Absence Management: Enhanced reporting reflecting curricula structure for course owners
  • [OO-3864] - Absence Management: Enhanced reporting reflecting curricula structure for participants
  • [OO-3882] - Clone a whole Curriculum on the CE level
  • [OO-3893] - Use the PDF generator to propose a PDF version of the members list
  • [OO-3894] - More functions to "Paragraph" tool
  • [OO-3902] - Change position of a curr element within the curr management
  • [OO-3903] - New editor: add missing translations
  • [OO-3905] - Portfolio: add option for user to add free floating page in portfolio template
  • [OO-3907] - QTI 2.1: in assessment details of a user, allow to download the results as PDF
  • [OO-3908] - Hide curriculum when status is closed
  • [OO-3910] - Print heatmap an trend report
  • [OO-3912] - Curriculum membership workflow: Multi selecting within a role
  • [OO-3913] - Show logo in print view of the survey report
  • [OO-3915] - Enlarge layout width in landscape print
  • [OO-3916] - Show "Necessary score for passed" in test configuration

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