Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 12.4.1 - HTML format


  • [OO-3419] - kprim question: order of answers cannot be changed for good
  • [OO-3420] - RS: disable CSP
  • [OO-3421] - QTI 2.1: RS in correction workflow if someone override the score in details
  • [OO-3422] - QTI 2.1: submit ended test in linear mode
  • [OO-3423] - RS view source of velocity template
  • [OO-3425] - Booking error message for course with no booking method
  • [OO-3429] - Test Export Excel file has no content
  • [OO-3430] - OpenOLAT logo missing in OpenOLAT font
  • [OO-3432] - Essay question type: formatting fixed-font and tab not working properly in preview (editor)
  • [OO-3433] - QTI 2.1: user delete all choices of a choice question
  • [OO-3435] - GTA: download of group task in course runtime doesn't open in Windows
  • [OO-3436] - Cannot delete a user if the coach replacement in not configured and user administrator deleted
  • [OO-3437] - QTI 2.1: export results in assessment tool difference in Excel and HTML
  • [OO-3439] - Course folder: RS occurs when creating a document in _sharedfolder_
  • [OO-3442] - QTI2.1 Tests with very long response identifiers produce db exception when results are stored
  • [OO-3444] - FormCancel.setI18nKey() does not change button text
  • [OO-3445] - Openmeetings: changing room settings in course editor disarrages layout
  • [OO-3447] - LDAP: the deletion process of LDAP user doesn't check the permanent attribute
  • [OO-3448] - .m4v cannot be played in single page
  • [OO-3449] - OAuth provider which create user in background doesn't show disclaimer

New Feature

  • [OO-3416] - Implement password history
  • [OO-3446] - Option to hide bread crumb navigation in course


  • [OO-3412] - Mirror the repository to Github


  • [OO-3403] - Rich text editor: adding audio file must set a default size for the player
  • [OO-3417] - Password aging policies for admin users and normal users
  • [OO-3424] - Compatibility with Facebook Graph API v2.6
  • [OO-3428] - Typo in course element Task
  • [OO-3434] - Video player doesn't recognise the video of OpenMeeting 4 as video

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