Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 13.1 - HTML format


  • [OO-3785] - Update libraries
  • [OO-3817] - Single page: use of pages from _courseelementdata is not supported but the folder appears in chooser
  • [OO-3824] - RS: send mail from member list of group without members
  • [OO-3825] - RS: select a bunch of the questions to be removed from a list
  • [OO-3826] - Bulk update: update role author not possible any more
  • [OO-3827] - Remove "since" in course statistics
  • [OO-3828] - QM: Heatmap grouping "location" has no entries
  • [OO-3829] - QM: Do not show entries whithout grouping keys in heat map
  • [OO-3830] - QTI 2.1: rs convert 1.2 to 2.1
  • [OO-3832] - Indexer status only check one indexer
  • [OO-3833] - An administrator can remove "user" right
  • [OO-3834] - Show the name of the mail recipient in the "to" field in the contact dialog
  • [OO-3836] - Smaller sign in QTI tests
  • [OO-3837] - QTI 2.1: correction workflow fib question: ignore spaces before and after text input


  • [OO-3732] - OER repository import and export integration

New Feature

  • [OO-3715] - Support for optional tasks
  • [OO-3719] - New user state "pending" for not-yet-activated users
  • [OO-3720] - Option to set self-registered users in pending state
  • [OO-3721] - Set organisation for self registered users
  • [OO-3745] - Video resource: support for markers
  • [OO-3747] - QM: Survey execution without login
  • [OO-3748] - QM: Heatmap Link from data collection list entry to Report
  • [OO-3752] - QM: Limit the number of shown uploaded files in the report
  • [OO-3755] - Video resource: support for in-video questions
  • [OO-3778] - QM: Analysis: New filters "role" and "curriculum element type"
  • [OO-3818] - Multi single pages: allow to pick a page in a shared folder


  • [OO-2145] - Excel import of questions: allow for double quote enclosure of fields
  • [OO-3527] - Update GoToTraining to new authentication style
  • [OO-3717] - Show disclaimer during registration before entering the mail address
  • [OO-3718] - Add additional step in user registration to enter more data
  • [OO-3723] - Refactor MetaInfo to generic VFS, make sure it gets always deleted and copied
  • [OO-3772] - Several times same translator in the fallback chain
  • [OO-3793] - Allow (animated) gif for catalog level images
  • [OO-3797] - TinyMCE Plugin to use edu-sharing content in HTML editor
  • [OO-3799] - Quota management
  • [OO-3819] - QM: Trend report of averages in relation to question
  • [OO-3831] - Calendar List: Additional column "identifier"
  • [OO-3835] - vitero enhancements

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