Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 12.3.2 - HTML format


  • [OO-3282] - RS changing metadata in the question list for administrators
  • [OO-3309] - Remove button in group member management not working as expected
  • [OO-3310] - Editing notifications does not allow editing of attachments
  • [OO-3311] - QTI 2.1: RS in FIB editor
  • [OO-3313] - SCORM API does not properly handle encoding of parameter
  • [OO-3316] - QTI2.1: multiple choice question shows wrong info message
  • [OO-3317] - Fix a timing issue between the AC module and one of its DAO which reset the settings
  • [OO-3321] - QTI 2.1: testVariables can ignore missing variables in items
  • [OO-3322] - RS opening the details page of a learning resource
  • [OO-3323] - Pool manager cannot remove questions from Pools
  • [OO-3324] - Question bank - metadata: authors entry in quick-view is not correct
  • [OO-3325] - RS question pool click on tree
  • [OO-3326] - RS assessment mode if ip has a trailing space
  • [OO-3327] - Reduce TTL of calendar to 1 hour
  • [OO-3328] - Registration mail can only be sent once
  • [OO-3329] - Group search without **
  • [OO-3330] - Calendar set 'invisible' without user consent
  • [OO-3331] - QTI 2.1: test corrupted after being placed in a course
  • [OO-3333] - Under certain circumstances an exception occurs while rendering details.html
  • [OO-3336] - Google analytics cannot be disabled
  • [OO-3337] - RS in assessment tool set result visible on structure element


  • [OO-3318] - User calendar cannot be read per feed if the user name is a number
  • [OO-3319] - RS if taxonomy identifier is too long
  • [OO-3320] - User cannot delete a portfolio entry with an assignment of type survey


  • [OO-3312] - Hide lost+found taxonomy level in document pool
  • [OO-3332] - Course calendar always visible in course

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