Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 12.2.2 - HTML format


  • [OO-3148] - Reset configurations in user system settings doesn't do anything
  • [OO-3154] - Test config: result selection cannot be removed


  • [OO-3153] - Stricter permission check to access the document pool
  • [OO-3156] - Missing border for gap entry with Google Chrome
  • [OO-3157] - RS in assument tool if the author delete a course element
  • [OO-3158] - High score has a check to don't show the results to 0 scorer
  • [OO-3159] - Portfolio element configuration show the name of the binder and not the name of the resource
  • [OO-3161] - RS delete a QTI 1.2 course element with data
  • [OO-3162] - Cannot download calendar if an event don't have an UID

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