Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 12.3 - HTML format


  • [OO-3208] - Can't remove Booking method "Access code" via "Modification of course access" in the Publish-dialog
  • [OO-3229] - RS delete a portfolio template (v.2)
  • [OO-3230] - Video transcoding block the encoding queue if a video generate a Segmentation Fault
  • [OO-3236] - Running test: heighth of div increases
  • [OO-3242] - Title of browser history items do not match the history item
  • [OO-3251] - Sort list within course element participant folder after name in alphabetical way
  • [OO-3255] - No update of table view after changing access setting in "My entries"/"Favourites"
  • [OO-3256] - Booking method will not be deleted if choosen while in publishing process
  • [OO-3257] - The extra activatable column Author (Besitzer) is either just wrong translated in german or it is filled with wrong content.
  • [OO-3265] - Better support of orderInteraction
  • [OO-3266] - Interferences between javascript of associateInteraction and matchInteraction
  • [OO-3270] - Add PostgreSQL specific index to speed lowered case search
  • [OO-3271] - Assessment mode prep time does not autosart in manual setting
  • [OO-3272] - Profil: Portrait and logo should only be deleted if save button is clicked
  • [OO-3273] - Autobooking: Use the common interface to clean up when deleting a user

New Feature

  • [OO-2967] - QTI 2.1: test cockpit in assessment tool
  • [OO-3029] - Portfolio 2.0: new design of "Shared with me"
  • [OO-3111] - Question bank: Review process
  • [OO-3146] - QTI 2.1: add test period to course element test
  • [OO-3155] - Show warning on login-screen when user uses an old, unsupported browser
  • [OO-3174] - QTI 2.1: Excelimport for matrix, drag&drop and essay
  • [OO-3178] - Taxonomy: move and merge levels
  • [OO-3184] - Course element "edubase" eBook reader integration
  • [OO-3196] - Differentiate managed and not managed calendar entries
  • [OO-3216] - Search for finished and active courses in authoring and Courses
  • [OO-3217] - Archive: add assessment documents to course archive
  • [OO-3221] - Quota alert in QTI course element
  • [OO-3222] - Single page course element: check shared folder configuration
  • [OO-3226] - Question bank is shown taxonomy based in sites
  • [OO-3227] - Infos page of document pool in taxonomy directory
  • [OO-3228] - Controllers leak in question pool
  • [OO-3233] - Add the URL of the course calendar
  • [OO-3234] - Code analyse
  • [OO-3235] - Add method to force-reload all static resources during production
  • [OO-3243] - Introduce analytics service infrastructure and base implementation for Google Analytics
  • [OO-3245] - Enhance REST API for courses


  • [OO-3109] - Downloaded Folders within Tasks with additional Informations beneath Username
  • [OO-3168] - Question bank: wording adaptions
  • [OO-3182] - Use original icons in card2brain and Edubase course node
  • [OO-3183] - Regular alignment of the elements in the course tree
  • [OO-3218] - Assessment documents cannot be deleted when status is closed
  • [OO-3219] - QTI 2.1: random order of questions in statistics
  • [OO-3225] - File discussion: add new user property context
  • [OO-3237] - Make document pool title configurable
  • [OO-3246] - Shibboleth module creates unnecessary warning in startup
  • [OO-3247] - New security setting to prevent cross-frame attacks
  • [OO-3249] - Question bank: Convert and copy into same place
  • [OO-3264] - Extend mail template length check to support inline images
  • [OO-3269] - Add newest elearnint test to about page


  • [OO-3110] - Question bank: new editor
  • [OO-3112] - Question bank: settings in system administration
  • [OO-3113] - Question bank: configure pool manager rights
  • [OO-3114] - Question bank: administration
  • [OO-3115] - Question bank: Taxonomy
  • [OO-3116] - Question bank: implement review process
  • [OO-3117] - Question bank: review process GUI
  • [OO-3118] - Question bank: Assessment mode for course coaches
  • [OO-3119] - Test: Import of questions from pool shows tab Final
  • [OO-3120] - Test: meta data from question bank is shown
  • [OO-3121] - Question bank: topic vs title
  • [OO-3122] - Question bank: administration search
  • [OO-3123] - Question bank: number of to do's is shown

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