Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 11.5.3 - HTML format


  • [OO-2859] - Allow more special characters in gap text / fill-in-blanck
  • [OO-2860] - No playback of .flv videos
  • [OO-2862] - Forum: clicking on authors name opens a new Olat main window
  • [OO-2865] - Answer Summay multiple choice
  • [OO-2866] - RS if resuming a test which is ended in XML but not in the database
  • [OO-2869] - Multiple Choice / Save changes
  • [OO-2874] - Calendar week and day view don't show popup window
  • [OO-2881] - Converting test shows review
  • [OO-2882] - RS wrong CSV data for 2.1 questions in question pool import
  • [OO-2883] - QTI 2.1: gap text coordinates and brackets
  • [OO-2889] - RS illegal URL in card2brain configuration
  • [OO-2894] - NPE in reminder of task if the task list was never created
  • [OO-2901] - The button to bulk pull test for QTI 1.2 is not visible
  • [OO-2902] - Duplicate chat extensions
  • [OO-2918] - RS signature of a test run as a test resource


  • [OO-2709] - Date in booking method missleading somehow
  • [OO-2867] - Copy of learning resource test including options
  • [OO-2913] - Login interceptor to sync a user with its LDAP groups

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