Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 11.5.1 - HTML format


  • [OO-2814] - Resize option for picture in file upload disappear
  • [OO-2815] - Authoring: All entries should be listed after the removal of the filter
  • [OO-2816] - Notifications of "soft" deleted blog/podcast/wiki appears in subscriptions
  • [OO-2818] - Forum post appears mulltiple times in the "Contributions by" list after edit
  • [OO-2819] - Participant folder notification shows username instead of user display name
  • [OO-2820] - RS in results report if the sections are hidden
  • [OO-2821] - Upgrader error by video metadata migration
  • [OO-2823] - Tweak MathJaX configuration
  • [OO-2831] - NPE in notifications
  • [OO-2832] - NPE selecting a course in "My courses"
  • [OO-2833] - VideoManagerImpl has masterContainer null check does not work
  • [OO-2839] - Cannot remove course from catalog in the publish process
  • [OO-2840] - Cannot delete a deleted question in pool
  • [OO-2841] - MP4 disappears after saving in gap text qti2.1
  • [OO-2842] - No LateX formatting if qti2 result export
  • [OO-2843] - Cannot configure "All coaches" in Email course element
  • [OO-2846] - RS if guest try to bookmark a question
  • [OO-2848] - The course web service ignore the display name
  • [OO-2851] - RS edit QTI 2.1 test with logout
  • [OO-2852] - RS changing email if a temporary key hasn't an email
  • [OO-2855] - Weekly statistics update delete too much rows



  • [OO-2376] - Possibillity to create groups by a list of group names also at Usermanagement
  • [OO-2712] - Wrong wording for message at participants list (course view) if no participants
  • [OO-2822] - Add LateX formatting in QTI statistics and in Question pool
  • [OO-2826] - Error in postgresql log with "incremental" statistics updater
  • [OO-2847] - QTI 2.1: not all question in sections shows still total sum

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