Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 11.3.1 - HTML format


  • [OO-2593] - Using and styling a CP in different courses results in mismatched styles
  • [OO-2613] - RS if a question file is missing in a QTI 2.1 test
  • [OO-2614] - If a question / assessmentItem is several times referenced, delete one delete the file for all
  • [OO-2615] - Missing and/or double Questions (and wrong order) on export from pool to test
  • [OO-2617] - SCORM finish failed with HighScore enabled
  • [OO-2618] - Error in full text search if the forum message doesn't exist anymore
  • [OO-2622] - Double click in FIB doesn't work anymore
  • [OO-2623] - The description for the QTI 2.1 elements not supported by the editor doesn't show the images
  • [OO-2625] - Safe Exam Browser on MacOS does not show textarea resizer in essay question type
  • [OO-2626] - course search: documents cannot be found
  • [OO-2628] - QTI2 learning resource: RS when restting test results
  • [OO-2629] - Missing translation
  • [OO-2630] - Open assignment in table view of a portfolio binder
  • [OO-2631] - Wrong default quota for course storage
  • [OO-2632] - Cannot edit invitation in portfolio
  • [OO-2640] - RS if a transaction is missing with MySQL
  • [OO-2641] - Error in portfolio indexer
  • [OO-2642] - Assignments in binder before their sections
  • [OO-2643] - Cannot close a course from the table view
  • [OO-2644] - Storage folder not synched by creation of a binder from a template
  • [OO-2645] - Cannot import a course with a configured video course element
  • [OO-2646] - Edit new CP and back to view a 404 error

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