Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 11.0.8 - HTML format


  • [OO-2201] - Members management: course owners should be able to edit groups
  • [OO-2277] - RS if the question is saved with the wrong format
  • [OO-2278] - RS if the name of the uploaded file is null
  • [OO-2279] - RS if expert rule looks like inGroup("")
  • [OO-2280] - Error uploading a calendar with the wrong format
  • [OO-2281] - Sending of reminders stops with NPE
  • [OO-2282] - RS retrieving recordings of GoToTraining
  • [OO-2284] - Replace the CSV archive for Group Task with OpenXML
  • [OO-2285] - image display in infopage for video learning ressource not displayed
  • [OO-2286] - Show the details in identity_personal_node_infos
  • [OO-2287] - Author doesn't see all groups in the assessment tool of their courses
  • [OO-2288] - RS in QTI editor if the reference of a test was deleted
  • [OO-2290] - RS displaying a test in course if the learn resource cannot be found


  • [OO-2283] - Authors will have newly automatically coaches rights using course creation wizard

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