Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 11.0.7 - HTML format


  • [OO-2267] - Fix wrong CSS class for OpenIdConnectFullConfigurableProvider
  • [OO-2268] - Support IMS CP with items without resources embedded in course menu, improve robustness
  • [OO-2269] - NPE in mailbox when mail from is empty
  • [OO-2270] - NPE occurs when accessing a course which is set unvisible for students
  • [OO-2271] - Math icon not diplayed correctly
  • [OO-2272] - Missing translation in assessment tool notifications
  • [OO-2273] - Check for max length of OpenID provider name
  • [OO-2274] - Automatic redirect checkbox configuration shared across all OpenID configurations
  • [OO-2276] - RS: Do not allow modifying format or question type for internal QTI 1.2 or 2.1 items

New Feature

  • [OO-2275] - Implement REST method to set group tool access rights for folder and calendar

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