Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 11.0.6 - HTML format


  • [OO-2241] - Deleting a user keeps the users email unchanged
  • [OO-2243] - Putting EP entry in trash does not move the entry in the bread crumb
  • [OO-2244] - Restore entry from trash not possible in trash listing view
  • [OO-2247] - QTI 2.1 statistics improvements
  • [OO-2249] - Essay questions can't embed external videos (QTI 2.1)
  • [OO-2250] - Click on hotspot doesn't make the save button dirty
  • [OO-2251] - Export question from test to pool loose the type of question
  • [OO-2252] - Always wrong feedback by FIB and hotspot
  • [OO-2253] - Import of Onyx test lead to unreadable assessment item due to not standard tags
  • [OO-2256] - Replace the + / - in the Kprim question by true / false in QTI 2.1
  • [OO-2257] - Validate Kprim question
  • [OO-2258] - RS if hint in QTI 2.1 is clicked on a greyed out question
  • [OO-2259] - The number of attempts are not saved in Essay
  • [OO-2260] - Import question from question pool with the root node selected
  • [OO-2261] - RS if someone will create a new section in QTI 2.1 but has not selected a node in tree
  • [OO-2263] - RS in qti 2.1 details in assessment tools
  • [OO-2264] - Cannot edit a FIB question newly created in question pool

New Feature

  • [OO-2067] - Add next recertification date to db, show in coaching tool listing
  • [OO-2248] - Support for multiple IDP in OpenID Connect implementation
  • [OO-2265] - Option to show user names and mail addresses in mailbox


  • [OO-2238] - Add button to toolbar to create assignment in EP template
  • [OO-2239] - Create new section opens section automatically
  • [OO-2245] - Don't preselect recipients in participant mail form
  • [OO-2262] - Add data-nodeid also to o_entry in structure course element overview
  • [OO-2266] - Add help to new portfolio

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