Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 11.0.5 - HTML format


  • [OO-2211] - rentry.leave.option is used for all repo entries, but speaks of course
  • [OO-2218] - Media folder is not exported by course export
  • [OO-2219] - Different search results when adding a member to a group
  • [OO-2220] - The search of groups in course is not useable
  • [OO-2221] - Search in "Shared with me" return a red screen
  • [OO-2222] - RS trying to delete a used media in media center
  • [OO-2223] - Assessment panel in portfolio
  • [OO-2224] - Search in binder doesn't filter the assignments
  • [OO-2227] - Question pool only know QTI 1.2 as technical format in metadata
  • [OO-2228] - Cannot export QTI 2.1 question as word in question poll
  • [OO-2231] - EP home screen shows close link
  • [OO-2232] - File is not marked as mandatory on EP media upload
  • [OO-2234] - Calculation of efficiency statement wrong, wrong course results displayed
  • [OO-2235] - Binder template's options in the "Portfolio template" menu
  • [OO-2236] - History of binder's template jump to the wrong location
  • [OO-2255] - EP: Don't show setting icons in Print mode

New Feature

  • [OO-2230] - Add visual effect to editor toolbar


  • [OO-2216] - Prevent "unsaved data" message on login screen
  • [OO-2225] - Improve eportfolio print view
  • [OO-2229] - Label QTI 1.2 tests as test and use test icon
  • [OO-2237] - After creating a new section, the entries list must be limited to this section

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