Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.5.8 - HTML format


  • [OO-2190] - Better compatibility of the contact course element with older versions
  • [OO-2198] - RS if the gender of a member in the member list course element is null
  • [OO-2200] - Sorting RepositoryEntries by Lifecycle/softkey does not work
  • [OO-2203] - Concurrent modification error in glossary opened and edited from a course
  • [OO-2209] - typeahead.js does not correctly limit the results
  • [OO-2211] - rentry.leave.option is used for all repo entries, but speaks of course
  • [OO-2213] - RS null cmd in QTI editor
  • [OO-2214] - RS format number in Excel import in QTI editor
  • [OO-2215] - Staled queries to update the user course infos
  • [OO-2217] - Link in rich text editor are relative and point to the wrong target
  • [OO-2218] - Media folder is not exported by course export
  • [OO-2219] - Different search results when adding a member to a group
  • [OO-2220] - The search of groups in course is not useable
  • [OO-2242] - oAuth dispatcher does not accept usernames that don't validate as emails


  • [OO-2208] - Misleading warning message when trying to delete/copy/... managed resources

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