Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.5.6 - HTML format


  • [OO-2121] - Unexpected view after publishing a not owned course as admin
  • [OO-2139] - No Refresh in Authoring mode - Re-Login required to get updated view of changes
  • [OO-2141] - Initial entry from Authoring to Course does not set URL correctly
  • [OO-2159] - Problem when copying or importing course containing grouptask
  • [OO-2160] - No course-list update until relogin after copying a course from "my entries" view
  • [OO-2166] - Openmeetings: Error when playing back recordings
  • [OO-2169] - Video can be added or edited in QTI 1.2 question and answers
  • [OO-2170] - RS caused by monitoring
  • [OO-2175] - Search results get confusing on usage of paging and more details


  • [OO-2158] - Make the send password change link also work for users with no password
  • [OO-2165] - Add css styles to members list course element to style / hide user properties
  • [OO-2179] - Display feed links in input field and not as link

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