Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.5.5 - HTML format


  • [OO-2128] - RS when copying a course with a broken reminder rule
  • [OO-2132] - Course Layout no applied to CP root node - dispose chain broken
  • [OO-2134] - Add delete button to the teaser upload in course description's form
  • [OO-2135] - The option to disable the menu in course disable the toolbar too
  • [OO-2137] - Allow anchor in tunnel course element uri
  • [OO-2138] - RS in course options if calendar is not enabled system-wide
  • [OO-2140] - Unexpected implantation of courseCSS into HTML-body while using Course Editor
  • [OO-2142] - Checkbox positions don't move when scrolling "rights"-table
  • [OO-2143] - RS when copying a course with an empty checklist
  • [OO-2144] - Validation of area in enrollment course element
  • [OO-2146] - RS if webdav link is used in browser
  • [OO-2147] - ORA-02000: missing WITHIN keyword
  • [OO-2148] - Optimize the query which count the buddies
  • [OO-2149] - The cron job for the course statistics need to be configurable
  • [OO-2150] - Question Bank: Item preview in table is detached from item when sorting the table
  • [OO-2151] - Task name by PostgreSQL seem too small
  • [OO-2153] - Title image in course disappear if the user press 2X the save button
  • [OO-2154] - Internet Explorer File uploads with full path result in mangled file name
  • [OO-2156] - RS in access control administration


  • [OO-2130] - Various CSS and layout improvements
  • [OO-2131] - Add more checkbox labels to checkbox course element

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