Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.5.4 - HTML format


  • [OO-2097] - Enhance handling of links in Wiki
  • [OO-2106] - Very large video titles overlap in Video collection site
  • [OO-2108] - Show only in assessment mode checkbox (visibility/access conditions) is visible even when the assessment mode is disabled
  • [OO-2109] - Copy of a checklist node without checkboxes throws an exception
  • [OO-2110] - Fix non-existing o_clearfix class in markup
  • [OO-2112] - Repository access type legend missing in authoring table
  • [OO-2113] - When wiki disabled due to security, info text keys are not translated
  • [OO-2114] - Download link appears for single pages with URL parameters
  • [OO-2116] - Favorited resource always at bottom when using automatic sorting in courses site
  • [OO-2118] - RS member course element with group in preview
  • [OO-2119] - RS in antisamy prevent opening course
  • [OO-2122] - Folder in a course with a "+" in its name can not be opened
  • [OO-2127] - Some videos don't play in Chrome browser

New Feature

  • [OO-2117] - OpenID Connect Implicit Flow as OAuth provider


  • [OO-2098] - MultiSelectionTreeImpl does not handle a changing treemodel
  • [OO-2099] - Extend expert rules to check for user role in all courses
  • [OO-2101] - More informative messages in assessment mode when wrong IP or SEB config file used
  • [OO-2107] - Show movie length minutes always using two digits
  • [OO-2123] - Various CSS and layout improvements
  • [OO-2129] - Typo in task course element

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